MURR continues to bolster domestic supply chain of radioisotopes

New production of iron and manganese radioisotopes creates domestic supply for researchers and Department of Energy.

Photo of the research reactor at the University of Missouri Research Reactor with the "blue glow."

July 13, 2023

Continuing as an essential leader in domestic isotope production, the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR) began production of iron-59 (Fe-59) and manganese-54 (Mn-54) radioisotopes in support of the Department of Energy’s Isotope Program, meant to bolster under-produced or non-available isotopes for researchers in the United States.

As a university partner in the DOE IP University Isotope Network since 2017, MURR is providing quarterly availability of Fe-59, and Mn-54 available every 14 weeks. These two radioisotopes are primarily used in biomedical research including in vitro and in vivo analyses of cell and systemic metabolism.